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Different depending on how long you have Kick the Buddy

Buddy is the main character of the game "Kick the Buddy".

He lives in a box and the point of the game is to beat him up.

Whenever he gets hurt once, his mouth will start to frown. Hurt him again, and he will frown more. He slowly gets happier after a while, if the player leaves him alone.

Buddy can be stretched by tapping and holding him by 2 limbs. Whenever the player stretches him, he will yell for the player not to stretch him.

Buddy has different reactions depending on what happens. If you select a dangerous item, Buddy will want you to not use it. If you select a food item, Buddy will want it. Quote List

Notes Edit

If Buddy has been left for around 4 minutes, he will fall asleep.

Buddy has 160 health.

Accessories Edit

Accessories can be placed on Buddy to stylize him.

Visit here to see Buddy's gallery for them.

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Buddy Napum sprites

Buddy sprites & assets