The Buddybot is One of Buddy’s Enemies as he hates him ever since the opposite of bread. He will Attack Buddy regardless where he is. He can Laser Him, Shoot Him, Burn him When He Is Flying. And The Snail is The Same as Him,He Is Still A Mech

Weapons[edit | edit source]

As a multi purpose weapon, he has multiple features designed to get or harm buddy at all costs

  • his back contains 8 tracking missiles that when launched they track down buddy then detonate on contact
  • On one arm there is a Laser weapon that when fired, releases a red laser beam that can be pointed at the selected target (most likely buddy )
  • On the other arm there is a machine gun that takes a few seconds to start firing that can be pointed at a selected target ( which, is most likely buddy )
  • He has a pair of Foot boosters that only point downward and are activated via picking up Buddy bot and or moving him around the screen. these boosters act as flame throwers which if buddy gets caught in the booster he will get burned and start taking fire damage
  • He has a new look in Kick the Buddy Forever

Quotes[edit | edit source]

This is what he says. Some are exclusive to different versions.

Standby[edit | edit source]

This is what he says.

  • Lock and load.
  • Does he ever shut up?
  • You speak too much.
  • Must destroy target.(2 versions)
  • I will kill you.
  • Destroy all buddies!
  • Bring it on, tiny man.
  • Beep beep (gibberish)
  • (GIBBERISH) (4 versions)
  • Will I explode you?
  • Stop moving around!
  • Life is over!
  • Buddy prepare to die!
  • Sleep little one.
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