Crustalli is the name of the developer of all the Kick the Buddy series and Parking Lot. However, on July 10, 2014, all Kick the Buddy games except Kick the Buddy: Second Kick and its free version were developed by Crazylion Studios Limited (out of business) and instead of Kick the Buddy, it was Buddyman Kick.

How was it known?[edit | edit source]

Crustalli was obviously known when players discovered it when discovering info in Kick the Buddy's information, but it was even more recognized when Kick the Buddy: Second Kick was released as well as a rainbow coloured gem. But then in some updates after Strategy Music (who made the game's soundtrack), Buddy appeared saying: "Kick it and good!" Then it only appeared in the title and nothing else.

Strategy Music[edit | edit source]

This company worked with Crustalli for the game's soundtrack.

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