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Playgendary Edit

Playgendary is the owner of Despicable Bear. The game is about beating up a stuffed Teddy Bear.


Playgendary made an ad free version of one of their games, Bowmasters,

Kick The Buddyman Reskin? Edit

If you have played both Kick The Buddyman And Despicable Bear you might have noticed some similarities between them like: Same artist, redubbed quotes, and realistic KnockOuts, because Despicable Bear is a bad, reskinned version of Kick The Buddyman: Origins, a sequel to Buddyman Kick 2. Kick The Buddyman: Origins

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Despicable Bear has the same quotes, some of them being replaced or moved to avoid copyright violation, and I’m fine with that, but are you sure a reskin is the best idea!

Better Games Edit

Kick the Buddy, Super Buddyman Shoot & Run, Kick the Buddy: No Mercy Buddyman Kick, Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, and Kick the Buddy: The Final Kick and Buddyman Kick 2

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