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Playgendary[edit | edit source]

is the owner of Despicable Bear. The game is about beating up a stuffed Teddy Bear.

Similarities are it features Buddybot and is similar to Kick the Buddy and Buddyman Kick

Kick The Buddyman Reskin?[edit | edit source]

If you have played both Kick The Buddyman And Despicable Bear you might have noticed some similarities between them like: Same artist, redubbed quotes, and realistic KnockOuts, because Despicable Bear is a bad, reskinned version of Kick The Buddyman: Origins, a sequel to Buddyman Kick 2. Kick The Buddyman: Origins

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Despicable Bear has the same quotes, some of them being replaced or moved to avoid copyright violation, and I’m fine with that, but are you sure a reskin is the best idea!

Better Games[edit | edit source]

Kick the Buddy, Kick The Buddy: Forever, Super Buddyman Shoot & Run, Kick the Buddy: No Mercy, Buddyman Kick, Kick the Buddy: Second Kick, Kick the Buddy: The Final Kick and Buddyman Kick 2

Opening[edit | edit source]

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