The Electric Chair is an execution device in Buddyman Kick. It is a wooden chair with arm restraints and a metal helmet.

Usage Edit

the Electric Chair is unlocked with 199 Gold. After it is unlocked, it will become available for use anytime. Once chosen, the player must tap the screen once, at which point the electric chair will be thrown into the center of the screen, and a switch will appear on the left side of the screen. The electric chair, nor its switch, can be moved around on screen, and it will not work unless Buddy is in the chair. To use the chair, the player must place Buddy in the chair. After dropping him in, he will automatically be restrained to the chair, unable to move (though he can still talk). The player must then tap the metal helmet, which will lower onto Buddyman's head, completely locking him in place. The electric chair will not operate unless buddy is wearing the helmet, whether he is in the chair or not. After the helmet is secured, the player can throw the switch, at this point Buddy will get relentlessly electrocuted, so much that his bones will show in the chair, and he will scream in agony until the chair ultimately kills him. The chair can be stopped anytime if the player chooses to throw the switch twice. It will take about 10 seconds for Buddy to be successfully killed, provided he is at full health and the chair is not turned off mid-electrocution.

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