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Kick The Buddy was the first game for Crustalli, then the next game should be Parking Lot, however, Kick The Buddy ended in April 2012 so it would be replaced and get a sequel known as Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


This game started at 2011, and it wasn't so popular. Gold didn't exist, there were not many weapons, etc. On April 2012, so it may become more popular, it was removed, and later, it was remade as Second Kick. The game is currently being developed by Chill Fleet. In the loading screen for the current version, it is developed by Playgendary. Ads include wasser luft feuer und erde,


There have items.


  • The words “KICK the BUDDY” may be a reference to South Park, where they say ‘KICK THE BABY!’ This may be why Buddy hates the show; “stealing” the phrase and tweaking it.


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