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The KO screen that appears when you knock out Buddy. It was removed in later updates and was replaced with a reward by watching an ad after knocking him out.

Kick the Buddy (2017) is the re-release of Kick the Buddy (2011) and others after it got took down from the App Store because of a copyright claim by Chill Fleet. The re-release of the game has two versions: An ad-free one (that costs) and a version with ads (free).

The game returns Buddy the stress reliever and you can relive stress by using many items to beat him up mercilessly and have lots of fun. There are various kinds of weapons (Like Firearms, Cold Weapons, Nano Weapons, Animals, etc.)


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    The daily rewards page.

    Some weapons are missing like the Hero guitar, although they may be added in future updates.
  • You can get free bucks/gold in the Notepad. you have to watch a video first in order to get it.

You can get 25 FREE gold and 200 FREE bucks!!!!

  • Some items are now free, but you have to follow some instructions in order to unlock it. Like following Instagram accounts, watching 5,10 or 20 (Previously 100) videos, or sending 3 invites to your friends.
  • You cannot change the background. Again this may be added in a future update. (Edit: now there is an update that you can change your background for in game money.)
  • There are now daily awards, every day when you open the app you will either get bucks, gold or items. There are 12 days in total.
  • You now have to buy blood with real life money instead of buying it with in-game money. (there is no types of blood anymore like Mechanic, Zombie, etc.)
  • Every time you knock out Buddy, text comes up saying "KO" and a voice in the background. It was removed in the current update and was replaced with a reward after you watch an ad. Similar to Despicable Bear, although it was never taken out.
  • The game uses the original Buddy, not Buddyman. However Buddyman does not appear in Buddy Slots. (Buddyman: Kick Only)
  • There is no backpack to store items in for quick use.
  • There is a Diamond Membership which costs real life money and new weapons. Try for free!
  • Although Kick the Buddy is owner by Chill Fleet when you install it on the App Store, it is now owned by Playgendary on the current loading screen.
  • New quotes are now in the game.
  • Buddyman: Kick is not on the App Store, but many fans requested having it back on the App Store because its designs look very similar.


  • Players can now earn gold by watching an ad video instead of having to use real life money to buy them.
  • This page was originally Buddybot, but was updated because it has nothing to do with it.
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