Kick the Buddy: Forever is a game sequel to the hit-famous Kick the Buddy. The game was created by Playgendary.

The artist of Despicable Bear made the arts for this game, too.

Kick the Buddy: Forever is a merger of the Kick the Buddyman games (Origins, In Soviet Russia, and Mad Lab). The game used to be named Kick the Buddy 2 and was later updated on December 21, 2018. This game, however, was released in America on December 25, 2018.

About Kick The Buddy Forever[edit | edit source]

Kick the buddy forever is the second version of Kick the Buddy and has 10 categories. these 10 categories are in the notepad.

Categories[edit | edit source]

there are 10 categories in kick the buddy forever.

  1. Firearms
  2. Cold Weapons
  3. Explosives
  4. Nano Weapons
  5. Power of Gods
  6. Superheros
  7. Creatures
  8. Machines
  9. Misc
  10. Winter Party


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