Possibly one of the most brutal items in Kick the Buddy, the Meat Grinder is located in Appliances. 
Meat grinder


Meat Grinder is a weapon located in Appliances, with which you can grind up Buddy with. When you select the Meat Grinder, a large grinder will slide into the middle of the box and a crank will appear. If you drag Buddy to the top of the grinder and drop him, he will be put into the grinder. If you turn the crank, Buddy will start crying and blood will start splattering out of the top of the grinder. Meat links will exit the grinder from the right during the cranking. When Buddy dies, he falls all the way into the grinder and meat links stop exiting. When Buddy respawns, he will spawn to the right of the grinder.


Buddybeaf fits well with the meat grinder.

The cranking of the meat grinder is the same sound as the Vise.

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