List of Quotes[edit | edit source]

this is a complete list of quotes that buddy says in the game.

Standby[edit | edit source]

  • You Have Never Played Star Tanks Before.
  • I’m Going Down to South Park.
  • Boring! (2 versions)
  • Hey, It’s Lonely in here.
  • Soooooo?
  • Burping, (Excuse Me)
  • Have We Met? I’m Buddy.
  • Hey Player!(upcoming)

When embarrassed.

  • Don’t Embarrass Me!
  • You Embarrassed Me!
  • Don’t do that!
  • Even Ninny Pushes The Red Button! (Ninny Is From Dumb Ways to Die.)

Stretching[edit | edit source]

  • I’m Getting Longer!
  • My Neck!
  • Don’t Stretch Me! (3 versions)
  • Hear My Crunching?!
  • I Wasn’t built to do this!
  • No!
  • Eep!
  • Bwwwoah!
  • Alalalalalrgh!
  • Eowowow! (high-pitched)
  • EwAAOAW! (high-pitched)
  • NEAAAAAAgh... (Thinking he is stretching to get comfortable)
  • MY BONES! (A parody of Fred’s MY LEG!, but with bones)
  • Oh thanks, my back feels better now.
  • AAAAH! OH MY GOD!(upcoming quote)

Leaving Buddy By Himself[edit | edit source]

  1. Come Back! (2 versions)
  2. Pizza? (3 versions)
  3. Ah-Ah!
  4. Ugh-Ugh!
  5. uh-uh!
  6. Wrong! (2 versions)
  7. Staaaay, just a little bit loonga!
  8. Coffee? (Unknown number of versions)
  9. Hey! You stay in here!(upcoming quote)
  10. Money?(upcoming quote)


  • Hu-uh!
  • Ulee!
  • Hoolp!


  • Go ahead, It's burning your hole in your pocket.
  • Sell something pal!
  • Buy some fun!
  • It's not about the money, It's about the game.
  • Show me a wallet. (2 versions)
  • This is the place you should be at.
  • You won't regret it!
  • Four gover some dough.
  • Lady needs new pair of shoes.
  • I need some cream.
  • I fell kudos.
  • Kudos!
  • Don't be greedy!
  • Put your money with my mouth is.
  • Dollar dollar dollar billy ya'll!
  • I had a chingy.
  • Invested me!
  • Kudos stand there by something.
  • Now it's my turn to laugh!

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