The toaster is an item in Kick the Buddy,located in the appliances page and costing 350 bucks.

The toaster has similar traits to the Iron,but some of them work differently.One difference is that the toaster has friction when being thrown across the floor.It also features a container in its center that you can put Buddy into.After putting buddy in the toaster,the handle located to the right of the toaster can be pulled down to cook Buddy.Exactly like the Iron,the toaster hurts Buddy when he touches it hard enough.With that gotten down,it can be used as a whacking stick.

Note that when Buddy is being cooked,he is invisible and not actually in the toaster,so Buddy can be hit while he is being cooked.The handle also has to be pushed as far as it goes down to cook Buddy.

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Trivia Edit

The toaster is one of the transformations that the Magic Laser can transform Buddy into.

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